Cautions for use
You can search for Buddhist social practice activity organizations near you and obtain necessary service and volunteer information. In addition, by using the Buddhist Activities Archives, you can browse materials related to social activities of Buddhist-related organizations.
You can search for Buddhist social support activity groups by location, activity field / content, keywords, denominations, organizations, etc.
Please make use of familiar services and volunteer activities. In addition, the archives store materials from each organization, so please make use of them.
No. The number of people who have been asked to participate in the program is limited.
This site is not limited to Buddhist temples, Buddhist denominations, and Buddhist groups, but also includes general groups, NPOs, government agencies, and other public organizations that agree with the purpose of this site.
Yes. Open to all, regardless of religious denomination or belief.
There is no charge for using this platform.
For the services and activities provided by each organization, please contact the organization that is the main body.
For organizations considering registration
By registering on the platform, organizations engaged in social practice activities can disseminate information to service users and prospective volunteers, as well as exchange and share information with similar organizations.
Please register your organization's activities first. Once registered, your organization's information will be posted on our platform and widely available to the public. You can match service users, volunteers, etc., and save records of your activities.
No, it is not limited to Buddhist temples, denominations, and Buddhist organizations, but also includes general organizations, NPOs, and public institutions that support the purpose of this site.
No, as a general rule, individual activities are not posted. Basically, Buddhist temples, sectarian denominations, activities conducted by Buddhist organizations (including youth associations, women's associations, etc.), general organizations, NPOs, governments, etc. that support the purpose of this site It is intended for public institutions.
Yes, it is open to everyone, regardless of religious denomination or belief.
There is no charge for registering this platform.
If the same organization has multiple activities, it is possible to register on multiple pages. Please contact us for details.
When you register, we will perform a basic check and screening of your application.
The points of verification and screening include the following basic items: whether or not the registration meets the purpose of the platform, which is "to introduce social support activities of Buddhist organizations and their records in one place, to exchange and share information with each other, and to create a relationship of loose solidarity," "whether or not the registration is offensive to public order and morals," "whether or not the registration imposes religious ideas or beliefs on users," and so on.
Please note that the screening will be conducted by the Institute of International Social Welfare for Asia, Shukutoku University. After passing the screening, you will be issued an ID and password for use.

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